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A modern marketplace where anesthesia providers arrange work engagements directly with surgical facilities and anesthesia groups.

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Hospital Hands is a nimble web-based platform that allows anesthesia providers to transparently negotiate OR coverage and compensation with hospitals and groups.

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For Providers
  • Choose your hours and schedule
  • Choose your hourly rate
  • Choose your location and facility
  • Choose your cases and surgical team
Provider Benefits
For Facilities
  • Choose flexibility
  • Choose the best providers
  • Choose to pay only hours worked
  • Choose staff to keep your ORs running
Facility Benefits

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Hospital Hands’ web-based app is currently in development.

We are currently soft-launching. Register now for information on credentialing and for updates on our launch.

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Hospital Hands brings transparency to anesthesia staffing. We increase compensation to physicians, decrease costs to facilities, and get cases done!

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