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Anesthesia staffing when and where you need it

Anesthesiologist wearing blue scrubs sitting over a patient in an OR, applying a breathing mask

A new, cost-saving model for hospital staffing

Hospital Hands liberates surgical facilities from the traditional employment model.

Our marketplace emphasizes choice, eliminates the middle man, and saves money.    

Surgical facilities or anesthesia groups can post staffing needs on our web-based platform and quickly see matches of available providers eager and qualified to do those cases.

Choose the providers you want, and only pay for work received.

Don’t let your OR sit idle. Meet peak demand.

OR time can cost over $100 per minute.

Facilities benefit directly from optimizing their OR use and Hospital Hands helps you do just that.

Hospital Hands enables you to hire the anesthesia providers you need, only when you need them.

Pay for services rendered. Reduce your costs.

Non-compete contracts are bad for hospitals and bad for providers. Hospital Hands eliminates the non-compete, and allows your favorite providers to return. Hospital Hands is different. We understand the needs of the OR, and offer a flexible staffing solution.  

Hire the anesthesia providers you prefer, and only pay for the time they work. No subsidies. No sign-up fees. No middle man.

The right fit for facilities of all sizes.

Hospital Hands is available to large surgical centers as well as small one-room facilities.

Book an anesthesia provider for a case, a day, a week, or a month, and only pay for the hours worked. Then bill for the anesthesia services, and get your money back.

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