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Hospital Hands was created by an anesthesiologist who understands, appreciates, and respects the delicate employment equation that brings together facilities and providers.

Hospital Hands founder Dr. Falan Mouton wearing blue medical scrubs and cap against a light cream background
Dr. Falan Mouton was frustrated by the lack of flexibility in anesthesia. Hospital Hands is her solution.

When Dr. Mouton completed her pediatric anesthesia fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital, she was shocked to find that anesthesia employment had more limitations than anesthesia training. Employers demanded long hours with frequent overnight and weekend call, and working part time was not an option. Work loads were unequally distributed, and contract terms were renegotiated yearly.

Dr. Mouton listened to complaints of her colleagues. Changing jobs required 4 months notice and alternative employment was limited due to non-compete contracts. Under most circumstances changing jobs means you have to move. Even when an anesthesia provider liked their group, they lived in constant fear of the group losing its contract.

Dr. Mouton went to medical school to take care of patients; not to navigate predatory contracts. Dr. Mouton imagined a system where she could chose the days she works, the facilities which she serves, and even the cases she handles. Hospital Hands was born of this bold vision for change.

Hospital Hands engages independent anesthesia providers to complement traditional group and hospital employment.

These independent anesthesia providers include new parents, those near retirement, those looking for additional income, those who want to make their own schedules, those who want to work for themselves, and some from out of town who just like Colorado. They bring with them strong anesthesia skills and an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Hospital Hands does not replace anesthesia groups or hospital employment. We complement it!

Hospital Hands enables facilities and groups to work with anesthesia providers that might otherwise exit the profession. We restore relationships between Anesthesia providers and the Surgical facilities they have left due to contract negotiations out of their control. We offer opportunities, not non-competes!

Female anesthesiologist wearing blue scrubs, mask, and glasses, filling a syringe while looking directly at it.

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